I’m Heather. Thanks for stopping by!

Growing up in Wisconsin my parents weren’t gourmands, but they did an excellent job of exposing us to various different cuisines. And while my sister was out with her friends, I was glued to Julia Child, The Galloping Gourmet and Martha Stewart.

Instead of a dream to attend culinary school, I went the more scientific route and chose to study nutrition. And then a little more nutrition after that. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Human Biology—Nutritional Science and a Master of Public Health Nutrition. In 2009 I became a Registered Dietitian. I still dream of honing my culinary skills professionally, but for now that’s done in my own kitchen.

To document my life in the kitchen, connect with others who share my passions and simply have a place to write — with encouragement from my family and boyfriend (then fiancee, now husband) — I started this blog. It began in Minneapolis and has since moved six times (five of the seven a PCS): to Milwaukee, WI; Pensacola, FL; Corpus Christi, TX; Bagdad, Florida; North Padre Island, TX; and finally Emerald Isle/Jacksonville, NC. Soon enough we’ll make a new house our home.

This adventure is one I look forward to staying on for a long time, excited to see where it leads.


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