scones and muffins and pancakes

orange pine nut mini muffins

apricot pistachio cream scones

cinnamon apple dutch baby

orange pumpkin pah pancakes


lemon-scented popovers

brown bread


Whole Foods’ Seeduction bread

Italian feather bread

cast iron cornbread

whole wheat peasant bread

New York City deli rye bread

multigrain English muffins


pumpkin pie

white peach crostata

deep dish pear Gruyère pie


twice maple cheesecake

Key lime cheesecake

Molly’s Winning-Hearts-and-Minds cake

papaya upside-down cake

Ukrainian poppyseed cake

pear ginger upside-down cake

creamy crystallized ginger cheesecake

orange-scented olive oil cake

chocolate zucchini cakelets with salted chocolate sauce


Meyer lemon kisses

sour cherry chocolate cookies

ganache-dipped orange madeleines

Mexican marranitos

strawberry shortcake cookies

cappuccino biscotti

chocolate chip cookies

red (or white) wine biscuits

orange fig bars

double chocolate mocha coconut biscotti

zesty cream cheese cookies

frozen desserts

coffee vanilla custard

dark chocolate Guinness ice cream

oatmeal raisin cookie ice cream

punkin custard

fresh fig ice cream

ruby red grapefruit sorbet

other desserts

pots de crème

pumpkin maple mousse

blueberry slump

baklava with Kentucky sourwood honey

buttermilk panna cotta

apfelstrudel — German apple strudel

spiced maple apple walnut crisp

sweet pumpkin empanadas

dipped strawberries with sour cream and brown sugar

pumpkin whoopie pies with chestnut coconut cream


shrimp tom kha

sole and sausage gumbo

tom kha gai

fish chowder with aioli crostini

roasted squash and ginger noodle soup with winter vegetables

shrimp and tilapia gumbo


celery root and chickpea salad with mustard-thyme vinaigrette and Sarvecchio

wilted spinach salad with duck fat & smoked paprika dressing

peach-basil-balsamic panzanella

herb-citrus chickpea and smoked salmon salad

cast iron cornbread panzanella

sandwiches and burgers

bacon asparagus fried egg sandwich

winter white burger

balsamic-red wine marinated portobello swiss burgers


Mediterranean lamb pizza

stuffed spinach pesto pizza


southeast Asian steak and noodle salad

Moroccan brochettes

balsamic-red wine marinated portobello swiss burgers

vegetable and beef shepherd’s pie

grilled dry aged rib-eyes with pesto

crispy tacos picadillo with salsa picante

Chinese braised beef one-pot with rice



Jerk chicken thighs with beans

asparagus blue cheese chicken rouladen

smoked Cornish hens with wild rice stuffing and fig glaze

simple, incredible roast chicken — Thomas Keller

smoked turkey leg (and wing) brine

broiled chicken with lemon, garlic and caper gremolata


chiles en nogada


pesto-marinated scallop & broccoli linguine

fire-roasted Asian swordfish steak

zucchini-wrapped cod with tarragon and lemon

Beach Street Cajun shrimp

herb-citrus chickpea and smoked salmon salad

macadamia nut crusted tilapia and mango-papaya salsa

pork and shrimp potstickers

baked shrimp scampi with tomatoes

caramelized scallops with creamy leek orzo

grilled whole bluefish

Gulf Beach gumbo

vegetarian entrees

stuffed poblanos

enchiladas Potosinas with homemade red sauce

pesto ratatouille

eggplant tomato chickpea stew

cheese and dairy

cheese fondue

homemade plain yogurt

pasta and rice

pesto-marinated scallop & broccoli linguini

southeast Asian steak and noodle salad

lemon linguini

a midsummer night’s pasta

little ribbons with eggplant, tomato and blue cheese

butternut squash and vanilla risotto with smoked ham

apple walnut pasta with blue cheese sauce

spinach and ricotta tortellini with brown butter sauce

saffron spaghetti alla carbonara

mushroom biryani

foolproof Basmati rice

other grains

berbere-spiced pilaf with carrot, scallion and toasted almonds

peach & basil barley salad with balsamic vinaigrette


potatoes boulangère

pesto ratatouille

side dishes

fried plantain chips


papaya, yogurt and macadamia breakfast

yogurt with blood orange, dark chocolate and toasted hazelnuts

macadamia nut crusted tilapia and mango-papaya salsa

spiced cantaloupe smoothie

fresh fig ice cream

two plum and vanilla preserves

three citrus marmalade

dipped strawberries with sour cream and brown sugar

damson cabernet stove-top preserves


eggy crumpet

baked chilli mozzarella with tomato and a poached egg

zucchini, mushroom & Sarvecchio frittata

Spanish tortilla with salsa verde

pesto asiago French toast


toasted muesli with mixed nuts and seeds

sauces, dips and spice mixes

quick tomato-chipotle barbecue sauce

Grandpa Mosley’s guacamole

Jerk seasoning paste

chipotle Hummus en Fuego

charred onion-honey-mustard compote

walnut, scallion and pomegranate molasses aioli


poor man’s latte