It’s been a few days. No, we haven’t been busy. Quite the opposite really — very, very lazy. You know how it goes when someone in your home is sick [and you think at one point you’re coming down with it, too]. The days pass one into the next with little to show for it, and that’s perfectly alright.

The meal schedule had to be shuffled about to accommodate lots of Campbell’s chicken noodle soup, Saltine crackers and orange juice. Not all was lost.

We had herb-stuffed chicken breasts from Martha Stewart. This recipe is also spectacular made with a turkey breast tenderloin.


Senegalese peanut soup. The northwest African cure for what ails you?


Shrimp and ‘shroom-schetta pizza with queso fresco. Unattractive but quite tasty. And thanks to the HUGE shrimp we bought on the coast, best eaten with a knife and fork.


Our plan to celebrate the start of Oktoberfest with sausages, sauerkraut, potato pancakes and Oktoberfest beer was postponed until Sunday evening. It was the first ‘dry’ Oktoberfest in the festival’s 176-year history.

The feast wouldn’t be complete without a German dessert. His choice: Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte

DSC01988He likes it very much, especially since it’s the first real dessert he’s been able to eat in almost a week. I like it, too, but with reservations. Whipped cream and I are more acquaintances than friends. I don’t eat cream puffs, nor do I use whipped cream on dishes which social convention suggests, like pie, ice cream or hot chocolate. And I’d much rather have strawberry shortcake topped with milk or nothing at all.

I’ll keep eating the cake, only now in small, underwhelming portions. He’ll certainly pick up my slack.